About Us

Our Story


At Bryan’s we believe that education is essential for empowering children to function creatively and efficiently in society. We specifically designed our curriculum to foster the full growth. We strive to give students a sense of self-respect and internal self reliance through a variety of learning strategies contingent on individual ability and strength.


Our mission is to lead children to become successful adults through collaboaration of staff and family members. Students in our school  will be active citizens that dynamically engage with and contribute to their local and global communities.



Our academic curriculum enables the understanding of letter identification and letter sounds.  We instill a love of reading through our story time sessions and encouragement for independent reading.  We encourage socialization and exploration of the environment.


Our center maintains a warm, cheerful, stimulating enviroment designed to enhance children’s intellectual , emotional, social and physical growth. We provide an atmosphere where each child feels secure, confident, and free to explore.  With the philosphy that parents are our partners,  we encourage a strong parent-teacher relationship. We recognize how vitally important your child’s early education is and we endeavour to make this experience a mutally rewarding one.


  • We are open Monday through Friday from 7am-6pm 
  • We provide breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack
  • Our variety of progams allow children to grow through our program. We provide general childcare services, Universal Pre-Kindergarten, Private Kindergarten, Afterschool Program and Summer Camp