As parents of an only child, it was very hard for us to make a decision of where we wanted her early learning to start. She was home with family members since birth and we did not trust anyone outside of family to care for her. We conducted extensive research and looked for the best daycare in Brooklyn, close to home and close to work. Bryan’s Educational Center kept popping up. We went to visit and spoke with the director who made us feel at ease and answered every question we had o
n our 3 page survey. Our daughter has now been enrolled for the past 8 months at this center. We have seen enormous growth in her social and academic progress. She speaks in complete sentences, has an extensive vocabulary, can identify letters, shapes and colors, shares with others and identifies her feelings correctly. She comes home with homework and is eager to get started. She talks about her teachers all day and plays school with her dolls at the tender age of 2. We can truly say that we have had no major complaints at this center the entire time our daughter has attended. We drop her off every morning at ease knowing that she is well cared for.




I recently moved to the community – East Flatbush (we formerly lived Upstate New York, Binghamton and then Gowanus, Brooklyn, upon returning to the city) and my three year old son started at Bryan’s in mid – March, 2017.
I had a lot going on, coupled with transitions from schools and daycare for my children. With a new home, I needed a daycare nearby. I chose Bryan’s Educational Centre and to this day I have absolutely no regrets about my decision. They have been very professional, kind caring and supportive to me and my situation and in their approach and I am very grateful and appreciative, especially for the concern kindness and care shown in many little ways.
Since my son has started at Bryan’s he is more confident, clear and fluent in how he communicates and is even beginning to be more friendly and outgoing. He is very comfortable and confident with his routine at school. He displays no anxiety or stress upon being dropped off and is not bothered when I leave. He is currently in the process of “potty training” and he is positively and actively involved. Every afternoon he tells me about his day at school and he has made a friend. I could go on and on, but for me these are some of the few positive impacting developmental milestones I have experienced and observed in my child over such a short time span (four months).
I have had occasions when I am running late for pick up and the management and staff at Bryan’s has exercised kindness and flexibility on these occasions.
In my own humble opinion, Bryan’s Educational Centre doesn’t seek to impress but they impart the basic ten
ets and foundation of good morals, ethics, manners and attitude to your child – the building blocks for a positive character and good person, which no amount of money can pay for and they have given me the confidence and security of knowing that my child is in a positive, uplifting, healthy, caring environment in which he can grow, develop and learn, whilst I am at work.
I look forward to the approaching school term and my son’s continued development and growth with this institution. I also hope to enroll my daughter in the afterschool program.
Congratulations to Bryan’s Educational Center for providing thirty (30) years of stellar service to the community!! I look forward to your continued dedication and service!!